Jamie Azure Turtle Mountain Tribal Chairman is feeling positive

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Official Tribal Statement will be out tomorrow, but I can now 'Officially Verify' last Thursdays 'Sample Target Testing' with multiple organizations such as IHS and the National Guard.

Official Results are:

  • 591 Covid-19 Test Kits Administered
  • 590 tests came back 'NEGATIVE'
  • 1 test was rejected because that person was also tested at another site.

We all prepared ourselves for the possibility of any number of positive tests. Fortunately, this 'Sample Test Result' shows that a large majority of our Tribe are taking the right precautions.

Now is not the time to Relax precautionary measures. Now is the time to fortify.  As a Nation around our Nation has made the decision to Relax, We WILL lead by example. We will utilize the data from the State to make better decisions based on the outcomes of their decisions and the aftereffects of those decisions.

We know many people of the Tribe are doing great in following Covid-19 precautionary measures but now hope that more will be inspired to take those next steps.

Please remember to Contact IHS for questions on any 'Symptom Based Tests.'

Another positive after affect is that Last Thursday not only covered many members, but also freed up the IHS surplus of Test Kits. The Tribe will continue to work towards additional caches of Kits with the goal of having a Kit for every member

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