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North Dakota state agencies assisted in mass testing for the coronavirus May 20 at the Trenton Indian Service Area (TISA), which encompasses six counties along both sides of the North Dakota-Montana border.

Two hundred-thirty-three individuals were tested on the day at the Grand Treasure Casino, in Trenton, ND. The now-familiar drive-through style of testing was conducted in the casino parking lot.

Collaborating were personnel from the North Dakota Dept. of Health, North Dakota National Guard, Williams County Health Unit, Williams County Emergency Management, North Dakota Highway Patrol, Williams County Sheriff’s Department, North Dakota Dept. of Transportation, and the Trenton Indian Clinic. The Salvation Army was there throughout the day providing snacks and beverages and a noon meal.

            The Trenton Community Clinic provides direct services to enrolled Native Americans at the Trenton Community Clinic. At present, Purchased and Referred Care is provided only for Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa citizens.

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