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The North Dakota Indian Affairs Commission is pleased to partner with the State Historical Society of North Dakota and the State Historical Society Foundation to establish the Native American Hall of Honor.

Hall of Honors Overview

The Hall is a new annual program recognizing Native Americans who have gone above and beyond in representing their tribe and culture. It is located in the North Dakota Heritage Center & State Museum in Bismarck. The program recognizes traditional and contemporary achievements in four categories: Arts and Culture, Athletics, Leadership and Veterans. Nominations can be made of people who are living or in memorium. Up to two people per category will be considered for acceptance into the Hall each year. To nominate a candidate, please download and submit a printed version of the nomination form.

Honorees will be inducted into the Hall of Honor in a formal ceremony in September and they will be recognized in the Hall of Honor exhibit at the Heritage Center and State Museum with a formal display of their personal artifacts and a video that shares their remarkable histories.

We encourage all honorees and their friends and family to send items for the display before the event in September.

Nominate Using Traditional Mail

Click Here for a PDF Version of the Nomination Form

Send your completed nomination form by fax, e-mail or U.S. Postal Service to:

North Dakota Indian Affairs
600 E. Boulevard Ave.
1st Floor Judicial Wing, RM 117
Bismarck ND 58505-0300

Fax: 701-328-1537

Nominate Using Online Form

If you'd prefer to submit your nomination online, please use the following nomination form.

Category (View Criteria below)
Biographical Data
Submittor's Contact Information

Category Evaluation Criteria


Individual or groups

  • Honorably discharged,
  • Served during war time or peace time, and
  • Demonstrated a positive impact in and around their communities/state.
  • Awards/medals received
  • Volunteer service


Individual or team/group

  • Sportsmanship, dedication, character and contribution to the team, charity, and athletic achievements.
  • Provided leadership and support, displayed qualities of an active role model.
  • Has distinguished themselves as a model of the profession in personal conduct and professional
  • Volunteer services to the local community/state, above and beyond.
  • Awards received if applicable


Individuals or groups, elected leaders, community leaders, grass roots leaders, elders, spiritual leaders, teachers, and educational leaders.

  • Has made innovative contribution to his/her field/community/state.
  • Impact of leadership on and off reservation.
  • Has distinguished themselves as a model in leadership personal a
  • Awards received if applicable
  • Volunteer service


Dancer, drum groups, individual singer, writer, artist (all forms of media art) poets, designers.

  • Impact on the preservation of the culture/art of their specific tribe and state.
  • Awards received if applicable
  • Volunteer service